Lavender Neck Wrap

Lavender Neck Wrap


Feel the tensions of the day evaporate when you swathe your neck and shoulders in this gently weighted draping neck heating pad scented with lavender; you can also cool it for pain or use it to relax at room temperature.

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Product Description

This soothing lavender luxury will drive your stress away, using aromatherapy, thermodynamics, and soft pressure. The flaxseed filling, especially, is an all-natural thermal wonder, retaining heat when heated and cold when frozen. The lavender side of the filling is more of an aromatherapist garnish to lull your senses into relaxation and leisure. You can apply it straight from the freezer as a pain-relieving compress; or give the fragrant heating pad a minute or two in the microwave and experience the comfort of deep-reaching healing heat. But our neck heating pad is good for more than just your neck and shoulders though; try it on your legs, back, and even tummy for a natural aromatherapy cure.

Pillow may rip if mishandled, please watch small children while handling this product.

SET OF: Sold Individually
MATERIAL: 100% Silk Wrapping
NOTE: This pillow has not been chemically treated and contains natural flaxseed and lavender buds

Only heat the pillow in microwave. Remove vinyl before heating. Do not overheat as flaxseed will burn and/or the fabric will scorch. Do not get wet

TO HEAT: remove pillow from vinyl bag and place in the center of a clean microwave. Heat 1-3 minutes
TO CHILL: store pillow in the freezer or refrigerator for use as a cold pack. keep pillow in its case to protect from moisture. May be used at room temperature

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