Lavender Eye Pillow

Lavender Eye Pillow


From relieving migraines and swollen eyes to releasing tension and easing fatigue, the gentle pressure of our silky smooth eye pillow will restore calm and peace to your day. It being lavender only makes it better.

Product Description

Our 100% pink silk eye pillow is filled with flaxseed to provide the perfect soothing pressure of weight; and since flaxseed has excellent thermal characteristics, you can also put this pillow in the freezer to use it as a cold compress or microwave it to provide deep-reaching soothing warmth. The soft silkiness of the eye pillow covering is also a tactile soothing agent, smoothing away any worried lines or furrowed brow. Any way you use it, the aroma of lavender balances the nervous system and calms the mind.

For the maximum soothing and relaxing effect, combine it with our soothing Lavender Neck Wrap, and be sure to get a replenishing stock of our Lavender Buds to make sure you never run out.

**This product may rip if mishandled, please watch small children while handling product

SET OF: Sold Individually
MATERIAL: 100% Silk case filled with flaxseed & lavender

Our fabrics have all the old-fashioned virtues your grandmother’s did… Tried n’ True longevity, influenced by their versatile care.
TO HEAT: You can use at room temperature or, to heat, remove pillow from vinyl bag and place in the center of a clean microwave.. heat 1-3 minutes depending on the power output of your microwave.
TO CHILL: Store pillow in the freezer/refrigerator for use as a cold pack. Keep pillow in its case to protect from moisture.
Only heat pillow in microwave and remove vinyl before heating. Do not overheat as flaxseed will burn and/or the fabric will scorch. Do not get wet.

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