Lavender Buds


Your imagination’s the limit when it comes to possible uses for this calming botanical wonder of the world — garnish salads with it, brew infusions, scent the house, even scatter it in fruit bowls to keep insect away.

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Product Description

You’ll be continually amazed by what you can do with our completely organic lavender buds, from cooking with them to putting them in your humidifier. You wouldn’t think you could cook with lavender, but if the plant is untreated with chemicals, its A-ok to cook or garnish a dish with. Just use as you would with rosemary. And its not just limited to dry foods, you can also martinate drinks with lavender — make a tisane, chill it, and serve it on its own; or mix it up into adult fun time drinks. The possibilities with the uses of aromatic and tasty lavender are limitless.

And if you come to love lavender as much as we do, be sure to check out our Lavender Candles, Lavender Drawer Liner, or Lavender Eye Pillow.

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