Glass Dish with Lid

Glass Dish with Lid


In stock (can be backordered)

A delightful addition to any vanity table or tabletop, this captivating crystal glass dish with lid does double duty as both an elegant adornment and a handy storage container for miscellaneous odds and ends.

In stock (can be backordered)

Product Description

Whether its storing candy or important golden bits of jewelry, anything displayed and stored in this dish will catch the light of your eye. Tuck our pampering Face Powder Puff inside, fill it with savories & sweets, or use it to neatly house those bits and pieces scattered on your bureau. There is no wrong way to use this glass dish and lid storage and display unit. The zig-zag cuts alongside the exterior of the glass dish allows for romantic rays of light to shine through, sending rainbows across the room floor, as well as offer some visual security so people cant see directly through to the contents. An elegant small spherical knob top helps you open the glass dish with flourish, like such! Truly a mark of excellent craftsmanship, this American made glass dish with lid make the slightest clink when opened and closed, like champagne flutes sharing a soft kiss

Or, for an extra dose of aromatherapy, keep it in your bathroom and relax from the hard day’s toil with our aromatic tools of splendor; Lavender Flower Buds for a constant relaxing whiff of Lavender, Lavender Body Cream for a supple moisturizing lotion, and our 3-wick Candle for ambient sensuous lighting and a more fresh flowery scent.

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Our fabrics have all the old-fashioned virtues your grandmother’s did… Tried n’ True longevity, influenced by their versatile care.
Hand Wash Only
In order to wash, first rinse the dish in hot water. Then, lather and wash the glass dish and lid by hand. When done, rinse in hot water and air dry

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