Paper Scented Drawer Liners

Paper Scented Drawer Liners


Getting dressed in the morning can make or break the tone for the day, so why not start it on a positive note with our lavender scented drawer liners lining your dresser cabinet. Sweet smelling lavender calms the chaotic calling of the morning wake, I’ve heard.

Product Description

Our Lavender scented Drawer Liners don’t just look beautiful, with their rich off-lilac floral hue and elegant floral pattern design, but have the scent to match. They are infused with top notes of Coriander and Eucalyptus, middle notes of Lavender and Lilac with hints of Jasmine with fresh base notes of Vanilla, Musk, and Rich Wood — it smells absolutely divine. Each scented drawer liner set contains six large sheets of medium-heavy paper, rolled, and comes cased in an attractive deep-lavender-colored box. Our Lavender scented Drawer Liner make a great gift for a lavender aficionado, house warming present, or a family’s birthday!

SET OF: Sold Individually; each set contains 6 scented sheets
MEASUREMENT: 16.5″L x 22″W

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