Square Lavender Drawer Sachets – set of 3 +1

Square Lavender Drawer Sachets – set of 3 +1


Set of 3+1 free linen sachets filled with dried lavender flowers.

These traditional and essential sachets, exquisitely crafted from crisp linen can be placed in your lingerie drawers and suitcases. 

Makes a wonderful little grab-and-go gift for a friend, or a sweet hostess gift (but also a wonderful treat for yourself!). Classic elegance for the closet or drawer.

Choose between 4 different sets, assembled by design.


Product Description

Use these lavender-scented linen sachets wherever you want — to perfume a clothes drawer or any closets, to make a baby’s crib all-naturally insect-repellent, to leave a sweet natural perfume in your suitcase, in even to keep in the car as a soothing scent when traffic becomes too stressful.

Each square sachet is 6”x6”, and comes embroidered with its own unique image.

We’ve made 4 different sets: Flowers, Bouquets, Wreaths, and Classic. ( we can be out of stock in one design and we will replace with another similar sachet)

  • Measurement: 6 x 6 ”
  • Materials: 100% cotton
  • Care: Linen sachet: machine washable (remove the lavender sachet before)
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