Copper Mill Series

Copper Mill Series


Form and function rarely make a marriage as beautiful as they do in our exquisite line of copper salt & pepper mills. Made from strong metals, you’ll be using it for decades to come.

Product Description

These mills are indispensable for bringing out the most extraordinary flavors of freshly ground peppercorns or Himalayan salt to your dishes. For the pepper, have one on hand for black pepper and another for a bright colored-pepper medley to add kick to a fresh salad or plate of pasta. These craftsman-quality works of kitchen art are not only beautiful but feel delightful in the hand – a possession you’ll genuinely come to treasure. Our beautifully designed and substantial mills are the perfect way to add this most important flavor to your most delicious dishes. Set the grind to coarse when cooking or set to a fine grind to lightly dust your plated dishes and savor all the flavor — and perhaps to your surprise you’ll find yourself using much less of a substance the doctor is always nagging you to cut down on.

SET OF: Sold Individually
MATERIAL: Copper, Hand crafted

Hand Wash Only

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