Glass Cruet

Glass Cruet


As cleverly designed as it is lovely to look at, our unique combination oil-and-vinegar glass cruet makes a surprisingly useful addition to your own table as well as an excellent housewarming gift.

Product Description

Like the popular restaurants in the Monterey Bay County, these shapely glass cruets are part of traditional Mediterranean restaurant decor and most tabletop dressing. But instead of wading through the droves of customers and straining to hear over the din bring the restaurant ambiance to your own home with our elegant glass cruet. In this glass design, the olive oil and vinegar come together in one cleverly designed space, while still keeping them separate — all in the visage of a nest of grapes within an outer┬ácontainer. Fill the inner container with your favorite vinegar and the outer one with extra-virgin oil, then, stopper each one off with a cork. Whenever you need one or the other, simply pull out the right stopper and pour. Practical and very decorative at the same time, Jan de Luz’s glass cruet makes an especially nice gift, accompanied by aged balsamic vinegar and a bottle of Jan de Luz’s personal N13 Olive Oil.


7″ tall

holds 3 oz balsamic vinegar and 15 oz oil

SET OF: Sold Individually
MEASUREMENT/WEIGHT: 7″H, 3 oz balsamic vinegar or 15 oz olive oil

Hand Wash Only. Air Dry.

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