Modena Balsamic Vinegar


The traditionally produced balsamic vinegar of Modena, Italy has been produced for centuries, and individually aged 12 or 25 years in different barrels, but now that heritage is available to bring home.

Product Description

Make your dishes kick up a little pizzazz with this delicious balsamic vinegar from the classic Provencal Italy. Perfect for adding onto Parma ham or mozzarella tomatoes; and vanilla ice-cream or garden strawberries turns our simple foods into little luxuries. Or perhaps mix with our N°13 Olive Oil for a rich and flavorful addition to your appetizers. Producers of this vinegar are associated with a consortium in charge of supervising and protecting the appellation of origin. The consortium carries out regular inspections of all producers.

SET OF: Sold Individually
WEIGHT: 250 mL / 8.80 fl oz

Sweet and liquoricy, add a dash of balsamic vinegar flavor in salads, vanilla ice cream, caramelized onions.

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