Large Diffuser Series


Our handcrafted, all-natural essential-oil large diffuser is an artisanal masterpiece of glass and wood that will keep wafting delicious scent through a room for up to a year. Choose from 9 intoxicating fragrances.


Product Description

The juicy scented essential oils are diffused from their glass bottles via delicately handcrafted balsawood flowers attached to cotton wicks. This fragrant oil permeates the flowers and evaporates over the better part of a year, slowly staining the wood grain of the flower’s petals the same color as the scented oil. The flowers will remain fragrant for several months after all the essential oil has wicked away. This large diffuser comes in a solid glass bottle with a crystal glass tray to rest on, making the combination beautiful to look at as well as delightful to breathe in.

For the best results, just simply stick in the balsa flower wick and wait for the fragrance to fill the room.

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