Verglass Champagne Flute Set


Once upon a time, there were only two ways to serve your guests champagne and other sparkling wines: in the wide-mouthed goblets know as Marie-Antoinettes or in tall-long-stemmed flutes. Goblets, however, make your bubbly go flat too fast, while flutes are top-heavy and all too easy to knock over. Our Verglass Champagne Flute Set changes all that. Narrow-mouthed to keep the sparkle in your wine, it has a solid conical base that resists easy spilling. It’s an original, lovely, and eminently useful wineglass.

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Product Description

One may agonize before a party about which glasses to serve guests champagne in; goblets may be pretty but they’re by no means the best thing for a sparkling wine, while with flutes there is always the inevitability of losing one, two, or more to spills in the course of the evening. With our Verglas Champagne Flute, though, the agony is over. Combining the stability of a goblet with the narrow mouth of a flute that keeps bubbles bubbling, it’s the ideal way to serve any sparkling wine, from Spanish Cavas to spumantes to that La Grande Dame you’ve been saving for a special occasion. The solid, frosted stem (“verglas” means “ice-rimmed” in Old French) keeps weight low and even a 10-inch-high glass steady. The solid stem also insulates your wine from the heat of your hand, keeping it chilled for much longer. Our Verglas flutes are individually hand-blown and carved, and as such they require the same care you’d use with your crystal: hand-wash with gentle soap and dry with absorbent cotton towels.

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