The Architecture of the Cocktail


Brush up your bar tending skills with this educational and fun cocktail book, The Architecture of the Cocktail. Simple instructions and dazzling designs make our spirits centered book indispensable.

Product Description

Don’t let Manhattan, martinis, and gimlets get the best of you. Shake, stir and tumble like a pro with our incredibly informative and beautifully executed bar tending tome of cocktails. Chock full of simple how-tos, delicious, exotic recipes, and mixed drink mythos, our colorful cocktail book will have you pouring drinks like nobody’s business. Written by celebrated spirits connoisseur Amy Zavatto and illustrated by famed designer/architect Melissa Woods, this must have instructional volume is easy to follow, comprehensive, and visually stunning. Small enough to easily pack along for a drink-pouring event or just leave on the coffee table for intermittent studying, this little cocktail book can help even the oldest teetotaler understand the magic and mechanics of a well-made cocktail. Each page studies and breaks down every popular and notable cocktail, from the measurements used to the order in which you layer the spirits. With over 75 cocktails and recipes featured in this cocktail book, you’ll be a master mixologist in no time.

SET OF: Sold Individually
MEASUREMENT: 5.2 W x 0.8 D x 7.2 L, 12.8 oz

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