Body Shimmer

Body Shimmer


A little bit goes a long way with our all-natural, chemical-free, handcrafted body shimmer powder, which aromatically energizes, revitalizes, and rejuvenates you as it softens the skin; leaving you delicately scented all day long.

Product Description

Made with pure talc and all-natural ingredients, our body shimmer was created specifically to soothe and pamper your skin. And with our Powder Puff, it’ll be easy to apply and spread the silky shimmer all over — leaving you time to focus on which shoes or which earrings highlight your new golden glow. Excite your nights and invigorate your senses with our select variety of luxury scented body shimmer powders; as many of the ingredients as possible are locally sourced around the San Francisco Bay area. And all are gathered fresh, resulting in a powder of uncommon efficiency; meaning you can use less of it per application than you would powders from less artisanally focused producers with the same punch.

If you want a larger size or just want to drop the shimmer for a more versatile approach, our Linen & Body Powder is perfect. Or if you are constantly on the go and a smaller size is what you need, we have a travel-sized Mini Powder Puff & Body Shimmer Gift Set available as well, perfectly fitting in any one of our Cosmetic and Toiletry Bags.

SET OF: Sold Individually
WEIGHT: 8 oz

For the best results, use right after showering. Delicately sprinkle yourself with the powder and smooth it into your skin.

Shelley Kyle – A glorious bloom, sharp as citrus fruit , the stampeding scent of life breathes all around. Notes of Lemon Zest, Freesia, and Crushed Violet Leaves
McClendon – Through the window sill the effervescent sun plays off dew on fresh leaves. Vibrant and light-soaked orchard, rejoice and enlivens. Notes of Grapefruit, Bergamot, Key Lime, Black Currant Absolute, Cut Grass, Mandarin Leaf, Dew Fresh Basil
Ballerine – As is the Allegro Dance of a Ballerina, our hearts are enlivened with grace and serenity as we beckon on the day ahead. Notes of Gentle Rose, Lily of the Valley, Dewey Jasmine, and Sea Blue Amber.

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