Verglass Cocktail Glass


Eye-catching without being showy, modern in design yet old-fashioned in its craftsmanship, our Verglass Cocktail Glass adds sophistication to any occasion, from casual evening get-togethers to formal dinners. It’s the perfect vehicle for any cocktail.

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Product Description

We’ve all been to parties where the choice of glasses we’re offered is disappointingly familiar: the Collins that condenses ice water in the hand, the martini with its stiletto-thin stem that threatens at every moment to tip over and shatter embarrassingly. Our Verglas Cocktail Glass is quite different. Verglas comes from Old French, and it means the thin patina objects acquire after an ice storm. That fresh, shimmery look makes this glass different, original, and one-of-a-kind, attributes that are only underscored by its satisfying heft and balance; it’s versatile enough to serve the whole martini family, from Gibsons to Manhattans, as well as mixed drinks from gimlets to whisky sours. The conical base, handsomely etched into hexagonal facets, anchors it solidly when you set it down while offering a comfortable, condensation-free grip when in your hand. Individually hand-blown and finished in the U.S.A., our Verglas Cocktail Glass surpasses in quality and usability anything your guests are likely to have encountered at a party before. The contrast between the frosted, etched base and the crystal-clear goblet lends variety to clear drinks while intensifying the appeal of those made with brightly colored liqueurs. And for a very welcome change, no one will have to furtively wipe off their hands before shaking hands with a new acquaintance.

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