Relaxing Bath Tablets


Immerse yourself in sparkling mineral enchantment with our French custom-formula aromatherapy relaxing bath tablets, which will wash away the day’s cares as they envelop you in fragrant delight.


Product Description

Made to calm and soothe, these coin shaped bath bomb tablets contain sweet smelling essential oils that ensure your soak is as relaxing as it is rejuvenating. Create a luxury oasis in your own bathroom by pairing these sensuous baby blue bath tablets with our calming purple Lavender Votive candles or lathering yourself with our heavenly Heart of Soap, or its mini-me version: the Guest Heart Soap. And don’t forget to set the mood with some well-selected tunes and DJ yourself into a blissfully calm and breathe-easy soak for the night. There is no limit to who could benefit from calling a personal day and curling up in a warm bathtub with our Parisian-blue Relaxing Bath Tablets.

And when you are done pampering yourself, spread the special joy they produce by giving them as wedding gifts, tucking them into party goodie bags, or making them a housewarming present that will truly be appreciated. It’s the perfect little luxury to gift your friends, family, and coworkers; sweet and simple, anyone can enjoy a lazy soak in a warm tub.

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