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Stainless Steel Martini Glass

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Stainless Steel Martini Glass


Available on backorder

Your martini loses its chill too quickly, yet you don’t want to water it down with ice cubes… the solution — Our stainless-steel tumbler maintains an ice-less Arctic cold.

Available on backorder

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Product Description

Martinis made big keep cold a long time, but what if you want to serve up a short one? Present it in our steel tumbler, of course. The interior thermal gel keeps your beverage at freezer temperature for an hour or more, ensuring a leisurely sip. The buffered surface protects your fingertips from biting cold, and the super-modern look makes conventional glasses look like something overdue for an upgrade. The stainless steel resists condensation, meaning no more slippery cocktail glasses or unsightly water stains. It’s great for mixed drinks from martinis to Bellinis and juleps, but it’s also useful for chilled wines and sherries—any drink it would break your heart to dilute with melting ice.

SET OF: Sold Individually
MEASUREMENT: 4″W x 4″H x 4″L
MATERIAL: Food Grade Stainless Steel

Martini Glass stays in freezer when not in use

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