Bedroom ~ Your armoire is the closet where you keep your intimate apparels — your pajamas, your bathrobes, your underthings and delicates. Brigitte has filled our virtual closet with high-quality selections in each category for you to browse through.

Bedroom - SLEEP WEAR - Nightshirts


Bedroom - SLEEP WEAR - Pajamas

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Bedroom - STORAGE - Jewelry

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Bedroom - STORAGE - Linen

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Bedroom - STORAGE - Scented Drawer Liners

Scented Drawer Liners

Bedroom - STORAGE - Travel


Bedroom - Bedding

Bedding ~ Make your bedroom into something new with our exquisite bedding sets and a la carte items. Whether crazy color is your thing, or perhaps something more classic and traditional, we have you covered. And all of our bedding is made with the same attention to quality and detail, promising you a good nights sleep with its smooth and satiny finishes and sleep-seductive hues.