Tonga Silverware Set

Tonga Silverware Set


Exotic and elegant at the same time, our Tonga Flatware is a delightful study in contrasts. Depending on the setting, it can be casual or formal – make it what you want it to be.

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The long, sinuous fittings recall tall tropical grasses; the wood handles, the trunks of jungle trees; the knife’s glittering slender blade might haunt an old explorer’s dreams. The silver bolsters and pommels, though, remind you that you’re actually at home and in the lap of luxury. Make every meal a voyage of adventure and a happy return with our Tonga flatware.

SET OF: Sold Individually; each set comes with 4 pieces.
MATERIAL: Stainless Steel, Silver Plate, Wood; Hand crafted, Only authentic raw materials used
ORIGIN: Made in France

Dishwasher Safe

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