Lierre Silverware Set

Lierre Silverware Set


The eye-catching gleam of pure silver combines with the tendriled beauty of Europe’s only native vine to create a place setting of breathtaking beauty your family will cherish forever.

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In the Middle Ages, ivy — lierre in French — was synonymous with fertility and rebirth. It’s the last plant to produce pollen in the fall, and so it feeds the bee through the winter; it’s the earliest to fruit in the spring, so it welcomes birds back from their long absence. As a motif in tapestries and paintings as in wood- and metal-carving, ivy is thus always delicate and alluring. From the tapering handles to the long, thin necks to the silver finial on the butts of each utensil, our Lierre Collection captures all the grace of the namesake vine that so gorgeously adorns it. A testament to the perfection a master cutler can achieve.

SET OF: Sold Individually
MATERIAL: Pure Silver Plate, Pure Silver Plate, Pure Silver Plate; Hand crafted, Only authentic raw materials used
ORIGIN: Made in France

Dishwasher Safe

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