Losange Silverware Set


One of the most exquisite silver settings ever designed, Losange has for more than a century graced the tables of people who insist on nothing less than perfection when it comes to entertaining guests.

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Product Description

Our Losange collection is heirloom-quality, the height of the cutler’s art and the living embodiment of an ancient history. The crosshatch design on the handles is actually the motif the Romans knew as the quincunx, the five-pointed, diamond-shaped pattern of cultivated orchards that was old even in the time of the Caesars. Also known as the lozenge pattern, it finds cognates in Celtic art as well as in the art of cultures as diverse as the Berbers of North Africa and the Khmer of Southeast Asia. These heavy silver utensils are perfectly balanced and feel in the hand as well as they look to the eye – a treasure for the generations.

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