Tilting Wine Glass Set


Soft wafting scents of a beautiful vineyard bouquet are much easier to experience when holding a glass steady. There’s less likelihood of accidental spillage on clothing or lovely table tops. Viewing the vivid color of wine is also much simpler when glass isn’t distorting it. With our Tilting Wine Glass Set, wine connoisseurs and occasional drinkers of wine will find a simpler way to enjoy the bounties of the vineyard.

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These Tilting Wine Glasses not only make treating oneself to wine easier but also add a little interest to the dinning area with a shape that differs from the average wine glass. Viewing and scent in-taking of wine is at its most optimal with these glasses. Their cascading rim angle allows for the enjoyer to view the rich color of the wine they are drinking without tipping or trying to look past the distortion of the glass itself. One can take in the fragrance of wine easily over the tilted rim. And small tasting sips are easily achieved with these wine glasses as well. Connoisseurs and casual wine drinkers alike will enjoy these glasses as gifts. They can give a subtle specialness to a wedding table setup or holiday gathering. Even everyday occurrences are bound to be made into something a little more fancy and whimsical. Give them as a gift for a birthday, especially for a young adult turning 21. They’ll make great housewarming or wedding gifts, either by themselves or with other items. Buy them for yourself or someone in your household. Someone will smile as they unwrap the glasses at a holiday gift exchange for work. Even if they aren’t being used for their intended purpose, they’ll look great on display in a case, on a shelf, or on a glass rack. For an Italian touch use our Tilting Wine Glasses with our Herb Assortment Napkin Rings to really decorate your table.

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