White Heart Dish

White Heart Dish


It’s the symbol of love, friendship, and fulfillment. Across cultures and all times, the heart stands for everything that makes life memorable and deeply enjoyable. Our petite White Heart Dish celebrates our common humanity and makes the perfect present for newlyweds, housewarmings, or simply a good friend to whom you want to make a special gesture.

Product Description

The artisans of the northern Italian province of the Veneto have for hundreds of years been known for the excellence of the ceramics made from terra marrone, the chestnut-colored clay found exclusively along the banks of the historic Brenta River. This half-millennium of excellence finds its glorious expression in our Incanto White Heart Dish, whose generous proportions at 7 by 7 inches make it a versatile gift as well as an indulgence to treat yourself to simply because you deserve it. The high temperature tolerance of terra marrone makes it take glazing easily, which means you can use our White Heart Dish equally well in the guest bathroom as a holder for artisanal hand soap or as a salver for passing around nuts or other goodies at your next cocktail party—the glaze is moisture-proof and hypo-allergenic. The gift box is filled with cedar shavings, which both protect the piece and make for a terrific aroma when it’s opened.

SET OF: Sold Individually
NOTE: Terra Marrone, Hand crafted, Made in Italy

Dishwasher Safe
Microwave Safe
Oven Safe
Freezer Safe

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