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Love Seeds Valentine Card

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Love Seeds Valentine Card


With the love holiday rolling around the corner, you’ll want to grab one of these great little clever cards for the occasion. This Valentine’s Day card is the perfect way to say You’re wonderful with touch-n-feel tangibility to the card.

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Product Description

With a small baggie of confetti attached to the front of the card, already the recipient has a puzzled but burgeoning smile emerging from their lips. Inside, there is a small note continuing from the front cover’s writing, but leaves you more than enough room to add a personal note of your own inside. Our cards make it easy for anyone to write something to anyone, with a smile on your face from the moment you open the card.

SET OF: Sold Individually
MATERIAL: Textured core-died card stock
NOTE: Handmade by Goodwill and artists with special needs; Made in USA

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