Heart of Soap

Heart of Soap

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Imagine a heart-shaped soap that doubles in sight as well as shape: its aroma whisking you off on a jasmine and rosemary adventure, all held within its soft-colored frame.

It is silky soft, wonderfully fragrant, and fantastically deep cleaning, leaving you feeling pure and thoroughly refreshed.

In stock

Product Description

This delicate soap is made with:

  • natural plant oils
  • essence of rosemary, symbolically meaning love
  • a hint of jasmine, symbolically meaning purity and femininity.

What better ingredients could be used in this magically relaxing and cleansing French soap?

Cast from a custom-made mold, as well as designed and produced by Jan de Luz exclusively, each soap carries his distinctive insignia.

If you want to share the luxury or want to surprise yourself with an already-gift-wrapped present, you can order the large heart-shaped soap to come nested in its own round heavy-paper box. They make a splendid and delightfully easy Christmas gift idea, or housewarming party present.

Anyone can enjoy taking a moment to smell the… jasmine and rosemary once in a while; and this heart soap will do just that, allow you to stop and just enjoy the moment.

A smaller miniature version of the heart-shaped soap, the Heart Guest Soap Set, is also available. As well, as also have our Parisian blue Relaxing Bath Tablet for those nights that need a little soaking to refresh you from the day’s toils, perhaps lit with our fresh flower-smelling Small Candle. And for when you get out of your little cocoon of relaxation, we have a luxurious Lavender Luxe Body Butter or Lavender Body Cream.

See more of the Jan de Luz brand-specific products.

SET OF: Sold Individually
NOTE: Custom mold and scent by Jan de Luz

Later and rinse with water for a pleasant and cleansing aromatic experience

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