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Tasseled Room Fragrance Series

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Tasseled Room Fragrance Series

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Subtly scent any room in your home with our 4 scented selection of these lovely but discreet hanging perfumed tassels – attach one to a doorknob, armoire key, or canopy bed and luxuriate in any one of our soothing fragrances. Just leave on door knob, closet hook, armoire, etc. and forget about it.

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Product Description

You don’t realize it but room fragrance can affect you, either on a large or small scale, but still affect you. Why not take charge of that aromatic energy and focus it into a range of smell you find relaxing or engaging? Each room fragrance hanging tassel comes with a built-in perfumed sachet all ready to go as soon as you get it. Whenever the scent becomes too subtle, simply liven it up again using the included bottle of Refresher Essential Oil. Each scent is individually handcrafted by master artisans using the freshest available ingredients to make sure you have the sweetest smelling room fragrance for your needs.

As well we also have a similar scented selection in our Large Diffuser, our Petite Aromatherapy Diffuser, and our Linen & Body Powders. If you like the ease of this set-it-and-forget-it, our travel sized Lavender Room Spray also works aroma-theraputic wonders.

SET OF: Sold Individually; each comes with tassel, oil replenisher, and container

Balsam – A refreshing and luscious marriage that combines the essence of sweet balsam, California redwood, a hint of French sage, and the bouquet of wildflowers.
Cedar Rose – A warm woody floral that blends the sultry depth of cedarwood with the uniquely fragrant damask rose. Surrounding the rose are hints of violets and lily of the valley.
Golden Cassis – The classic scents of fresh oranges and berries mingle with cassis, rose, jasmine, and lily to create this calming contemporary fragrance. But at its heart is galbanum, an ancient spicy and earthy aroma associated with reducing stress. Sandalwood, warm amber, and white musk drift though the background.
Bitter Orange – A complex and subtle blend that permeates the air with cloves, the zest of bitter orange, and just a touch of cypress. Described by The New York Times as uplifting, mysterious and androgynous in its appeal.

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