Roses Cardigan


Colder weather is upon us and it’s time to start bundling up little ones against chilly winds and rain. Whether worn on top of clothes or under a rain jacket, our Roses Cardigan is sure to keep any little girl warm and cozy while looking cute at the same time!

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Product Description

Roses Cardigan is the perfect addition to any young girl’s wardrobe. It’s simple and cute, and because it’s knitted and crocheted it’s warm too! This cardigan will look great no matter the occasion. Walks in the park or along the beach won’t be a problem during the colder seasons. Playing in bright colored leaves will be more enjoyable to a little body when it is warm. Placed under a rain jacket it will insulate and keep body warmth in and the cold from the rainy atmosphere out. The Roses Cardigan can be purchased for one’s own little girl or gifted to someone else’s. It can be given to a mother as a baby shower gift so the little girl will have a cardigan when she grows bigger. Give it as a birthday present or Christmas gift. And since flowers usually bloom in the spring, a little girl with this cardigan on will appear to be like a little ray of sunshine skipping through gloomy weather, brightening everyone’s day.

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