Rover the Dog Series

Rover the Dog Series


Monsters under the bed or in the closet, loud thunder storms, bumps in the night, strange looking shadows; there are many things that frighten children. It’s not always easy to calm a scared young one, but Rover Brothers can sure help. And when there’s nothing to be afraid of, Rover the Dog Series is there to be a child’s best pals.

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Product Description

Choose either the larger brother or the smaller brother to be friends with your child of choosing. Made with soft plush and paws and rump weighted with beans, these two furry friends have the slouched cuddly look that a child, boy or girl, would love. The Rover the Dog Series is a great companions. They ease children during the nighttime when sounds may have children hiding under covers. They are great for hugging and squeezing right as it’s time to fall to sleep. In the daytime they make perfect tea party guests and fort buddies. The best thing about these plush dogs is that they don’t need to be fed or cleaned up after. Children aren’t the only ones who can benefit from these two. Hospitals are not fun places to be cooped up in. The Rover the Dog Series make appropriate get-well gifts as they are soft and cute. Grandparents will smile at them, remembering fond memories of long ago when they too were children. Valentine’s Day and Easter gifts would look pretty adorable with one or both of these plushies in tote. These brothers are sure to be a hit with whoever receives them as a present.

SET OF: Sold Individually
MEASUREMENT: Small – 9″H, Large – 13″H
NOTE: Made to strict quality standards, they meet or exceed US toy safety requirements
NOTE: Products are supported by renewable energy and Vermont dairy farms that product electricity with methane powered generators

Surface wash with a clean damp cloth and mild soap. Air dry and gently brush or “fluff” it when dry to renew its fur


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