Brown Sugar Body Scrub


Renew and refresh your skin all over with our gently exfoliating, paraben-free Brown Sugar Body Scrub; made with a rich and exhilarating combination of all-natural raw brown sugar and moisturizing shea butter.

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Product Description

Our Brown Sugar Body Scrub is not only naturally anti-bacterial and deep-cleansing, but gently and effectively exfoliating for your skin. It also leaves your entire body scented with the alluring fragrances of Blood Orange, Madonna Lily, White Nectarine, Cashmere Musk, and Night-blooming Jasmine. And the paraben-free marker means that this body scrub was not pumped with preservatives to keep the shelf life of the product longer, basically the same variety of preservatives that keep your boxed crackers fresh for an extreme number of months. The exfoliating properties of our brown sugar body scrub smooths away any imperfections and leaves your skin feeling soft and baby fresh. Simply dab on your skin, rub in, and rinse off with warm water — your skin will feel divine.

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