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Winter Holiday Folding Card Box Set Series

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Winter Holiday Folding Card Box Set Series


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Remind your friends that surf will be up again with any of our Winter Holiday Folding Card Box Sets. Whether it's that time of the year again for holiday correspondence, wishing someone a happy birthday, or just an out-of-the-blue hello, our Wintery Holiday stationary will have you covered. Express the thoughts of your heart.

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Product Description

Adorned with art by Susan Wallace Barnes, get stoked to send out a swell of salutations this holiday season with our Winter series of folding cards. Your entire crew will find these playful, surf inspired greetings delightful and completely fitting to the beach lifestyle. For the Winter Woody – each folding card features a tripped out, old school red Vega cruising the streets with a Christmas tree strapped to its top like a long board, The color palette and vintage imagery juxtaposed with the the cards matching red envelopes seals the deal for impressive presentation. Now if only tasty waves could be sent par avion…

For the Present series, one of her most popular designs, the popular saying Tomorrow is the future: Yesterday is the past: Today is a gift- That is why it is called the present is written down at the bottom of the card. Such a saying also allows for the sender to pick occasions other than a birthday to send the card. In the hustle and bustle of modern times it is often easier to send an email rather than scrawl out a letter. But, there is nothing like receiving a hand written note, knowing that the sender sat down and had to consciously think about the words they would set permanently down to be read.

And our Holiday on Shore series shows that even during Christmas season, there’s nothing like time at the beach. Our lovely boxed set of holiday at the shore cards magnificently reflect this sentiment with a charming seasonal design. These wonderful folding cards feature a beautiful hand painted picture of a black Labrador retriever donned in  green and red wreath patiently gazing over the coast line. Snowflakes dust the sand, driftwood as well as a whimsically decorated lighthouse and a red sailboat floats across the horizon. The inner greeting, Happy Holidays is pleasant, non denominational, and appropriate for any recipient. And the nostalgic image of a red woody decked in Christmastime swag is sure to put a smile on the face of every Biff and Muffy.

SET OF: Sold Individually, 12 cards/13 lined envelopes per box
MEASUREMENT: 7.25″W x 5.25″L, Easily holds 5″ x 7″ photograph
NOTE: Message inside the card is Happy Holidays

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