Amma Chocolate Bar Series


Made from cacao beans grown in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil, our USDA organic Amma chocolate bars are a tantalizing treat for your taste buds. Its flavor notes consist of mango and ever so subtle brown sugar. Available in 60%, 85%, or 100% cacao, it is gluten free and kosher.

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Product Description

This award-winning chocolate bar is sustainably produced and created from beans of ancient cacao trees living in planet Earth’s biggest biodiversity per square meter, the Atlantic Rainforest. Amma chocolate reveals this ecological sanctuary’s rich and complex nuances. Great to please a hankering for something sweet, Amma bars’ cacao is full of antioxidants which are good for your heart. Antioxidants prevent disease and lower cholesterol. Cacao is also a great source of magnesium which is good for women. The bars may contain traces of milk. Amma chocolate bars are great treats for any chocolate lover and any occasion. The 60% cacao bar is fantastic for those who like a sweeter experience. The 100% cacao bar is for those who like to experience the rich flavor of cacao and take advantage of its health benefits. For those who want cacao’s health benefits but also a hint of a slightly sweet taste, the 85% cacao bar would be best. They make tasty stocking stuffers and gifts for both young and old, male and female during winter holidays. Valentine’s Day is perfect for passing them out to co-workers and loved ones. Teachers will enjoy them as appreciation or holiday gifts. They can accompany birthday presents as a savory delight.  Wrap them up with pretty paper or leave as is. Their packaging is lovely just as it comes.

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