L’epicurien Confit Series

L’epicurien Confit Series


With its homemade style of production, L’epicurien has brought us fine French spreads, and now we carry the superb offering of the L’epicurien Confit Series. Try all the various marvelous tasteful flavors.

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Product Description

These confits have been created by a cooking process that makes all its preparations slowly simmer in cauldrons; the deep and rich colors of fruits or vegetables, together with their delicate flavors, are deliciously revealed. From sweet to savory and everywhere in between, our L’epicurien confit series will offer something delicious to any tabletop.

SET OF: Sold Individually
MEASUREMENT: 2″H x 3″W, 7.4 oz
NOTE: For best results, store in dry cool area

Black Cherry ~ A delectable combination of black cherries and white wine, this black cherry confit is full of flavor. A perfect compliment to sheep cheese, or served on a toasted baguette, the uses for this confit are only limited by your imagination. Serve this Black Cherry Confit on cheesecake or ice cream, to enhance your favorite sweet treat.
Cider Confit with Apple & Calvados ~ This slightly sweet confit made with Calvados, an apple brandy, and apple cider is divine. Create a cheese plate or incorporate this confit into a recipe, however you use it, you will not be disappointed. This confit pairs well with Camembert or Brie and a nice white wine. Drizzle this confit onto Camembert or Brie, spread it onto bread, or eat it with vanilla ice cream.
Fig & Walnut ~ Made from the highest quality ingredients, and one of our best sellers, this Fig and Walnut confit is truly divine. A great way to enjoy this confit, is by combining it with goat cheese on a toasted baguette. The rich flavors of this confit will surely delight your tastebuds. Serve this with your favorite goat cheese or a fresh baguette!
Merlot Red Wine ~ Made using a high quality red wine, this Merlot Red Wine Confit has endless uses and a wonderful taste. You can use this confit on a cheese plate, or turn it into a sauce for several types of game such as rabbit, duck, or deer. Use this Merlot Red Wine Confit to deglaze your pan after you finishing cooking your meat, the glaze will make a delicious sauce.
Pineapple with Penja Pepper ~ Filled with luscious pineapple and spicy penja pepper, this confit combines flavors in a perfect way. The sweet pineapple compliments the spicy penja in such an enjoyable way. This confit is superb on a roasted duck breast or spread onto a warm scone with swiss cheese. Pair this Pineapple and Penja pepper Confit with swiss cheese, slather it on toast, or use it to season your favorite duck entree.
Plum with Alsace Wine & Cumin ~ Made with the famous white wine from the Alsace region of France, this Plum confit packs a punch full of flavor. The plum, wine, and cumin flavors mix together in an almost magical way. This confit pairs well with Muenster on crackers and your favorite wine. Create a unique grilled cheese by topping it with this Plum Confit with Alsace wine and cumin.
Quince Paste ~ Made from freshly picked quince, this Quince Paste is a delicious fruit based paste that will enhance your favorite cheese plate. Not too sweet, and with a unique texture, this paste pairs well with Manchego, on a toasted baguette, and your favorite red wine, or it works well with your favorite duck or rabbit recipe. Change up your favorite rabbit or duck recipe by using this Quince paste to give it a savory and sweet flavor.
Williams Pear with White Wine ~ A delectable combination of Williams Pears and White Wine, this confit will have your taste buds rejoicing. A spread that is fit for a king, this confit is made with only the highest quality of ingredients, and without preservatives or additives. Spread this confit onto a baguette or crackers with Roquefort or Bleu cheese, match it with a chilled white wine. Serve this Williams Pear and White Wine confit with Roquefort or Bleu cheese, slather it onto a baguette, or enjoy it in the morning with your toast.


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