Stockholm Tablecloth


A double hemstitch crisscrosses in the center of this elegant white linen tablecloth.

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Product Description

These linens are made from one of the oldest textile mills in Russia with over 200 years experience. Linen is one of the oldest fabrics known to mankind. A pure linen tablecloth is a renowned statement of classic elegance and gracious living all over the world. Our fine linen tablecloths come in beautiful jacquard patterns with hemstitched edges that will add sophistication to any decor. Linen is non-allergenic, anti-static and has natural anti-bacterial properties. Linen is extremely durable and washes beautifully. This eco-friendly linen is produced from Belgium flax and dyes that come from Germany. The meticulous hand finishing work truly showcases the craftsmanship needed to create these heavy weight linens. Every piece is meant to be used and passed down for generations.

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