Round & Reversible Placemat 

Round & Reversible Placemat 


These placemats are completely vinyl, giving you both a high design and ease of care. They are perfect for all your indoor and outdoor soirees any season.

4 pieces minimum per order.

Product Description

Transform your tabletop presentation with the chic appearance of the Round & Reversible Placemat. It has one color/pattern on the outer ring and another complementary color/pattern on the inside and then on the other side it is completely the opposite. You can do one side for one dinner party and then the next week just flip it over for a completely different look. Or be creative and mix and match them!

4 pieces minimum per order 

  • 2 colors: Grey | Rust
  • Measurement: 15″ diameter
  • Materials: 100% Phthalate-free Vinyl
  • Care: Wipe with a damp cloth



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