Fisherman Placemat Set

Fisherman Placemat Set


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There's something magical about the ocean; how it seems to breathe in and out as its waves crash and recede along the shore… Who knows more about the sea's majesty than a fisherman? With our Fisherman Placemats you can bring into your world a glimpse of the life of a fisherman as they help you protect against rough tides at the table.

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The job of a fisherman can be messy. Unexpected storms rise up and dump sea water into boats, or the entrails of catches dirty the boat deck. In a way a table can be like an ocean. Just like the sea your table provides a bounty of nourishment but unexpected beverage and food spills can cause a stir. Like a fisherman, being prepared can help prevent disaster. Protect your table with our Fisherman Placemats. They are made with a coated cotton face and linen backing and are conveniently machine washable just in case the seas happen to get a bit rough. The set of 6 are made in France, each different but containing reoccurring characters collecting clams. The artwork on the faces of these placemats continues the water motif as they look to have a design made with watercolor paints. For this reason the Fisherman Placemats aren’t just limited to decorating the table. If you have extras, frame them and you have wall art for your dining area as well. Great for decorating an eating area in a nautical themed dining area or table overlooking the ocean, our Fisherman Placemats also make thoughtful gifts. They will go well in gift baskets for those who’ve acquired their own place. Make a picnic down by the beach even more special by tossing some Fisherman Placemats into your picnic basket.

SET OF: Sold Individually; each set contains 6 placemats
MATERIAL: Coated Cotton

Our fabrics have all the old-fashioned virtues your grandmother’s did… Tried n’ True longevity, influenced by their versatile care.
Machine Washable

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