Bengale Placemats 100% cotton

Bengale Placemats 100% cotton


Bengale placemats arranged alone or in superimposition, bring an exotic touch of chic with its majestic ornamental motifs and elegant mitred corner finishes.

Aesthetic and functional, our placemats are stain-resistant to make your everyday life easier.

100% Cotton



Product Description

To preserve their shine over time and facilitate their care, we apply an anti-stain treatment to some of our items that prevents the absorption of aqueous liquids. If you spill liquid on a stain-resistant placemat, dab it quickly and lightly with a damp sponge so that the fabric is not stained.

This protective treatment, which you can neither see nor feel, has a lifespan of around 10 machine washes and is reactivated by ironing.

This placemat is treated with a hardener to create a more striking effect on the table. It guarantees improved resistance over time and offers greater ease of use.

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