Natural French Melodie Napkin


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A statement of classical elegance as well as the embodiment of dining luxury, our Natural French Melodie napkin rivals in beauty and feel the finest table linens in the world.

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Product Description

Expertly hemstitched in white all around and woven from Belgian flax, our Natural French Melodie Napkin is supple and soft to the touch. Made of 100% linen, this napkin means business; its naturally resilient to dirt, has spectacular durability and long life, and will become softer and smoother the more it is washed and used. Linen is also non-allergenic, anti-static, and has natural anti-bacterial attributes.This un-ostentatious seeming linen in fact has a remarkable manufacturing pedigree; the thread is dyed in Germany and the fabric woven at one of the longest-operating mills in northeastern Europe. And it was woven with the jacquard weaving method, meaning the colors are woven into the fabric rather than dyed afterwards post weaving. The subtle hue and close weave make this napkin particularly suited to embroidering or monogramming with bold-colored thread such as platinum, silver, or gold.

And don’t forget to check out the Natural French Melodie Collection, with Runner and Tablecloth to complete your set.

SET OF: Sold Individually
MATERIAL: 100% Linen, Hemstitch edging / Jacquard
ORIGIN: Made in USA, Woven in Europe

Our fabrics have all the old-fashioned virtues your grandmother’s did… Tried n’ True longevity, influenced by their versatile care.
Machine Washable. During first time use, wash separately in cold water using regular non-bleach detergent. When ironing, spray with water misting bottle then iron or press while damp. DO NOT BLEACH. Machine Wash Warm. Dry on Low Heat. Iron as Needed. Do not Tumble Dry; it makes ironing more difficult. Line dry or dry flat.

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