Natural French Melodie Tablecloth


An elegant pattern of traditional French floral motifs expressed in muted beige and sienna make our Natural French Melodie tablecloth a tasteful backdrop for the most luxurious table setting.

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Product Description

Fleurs-de-lis, roses, and the fruit of the vineyard come together in subtle, subdued sienna hues against a background of beige to create a cloth that is beautiful in its own right yet doesn’t draw too much attention from the place settings that are the true stars of your formal dinner table. Fine hemstitching throughout adds an extra layer of aesthetic depth to this lovely but understated piece of Belgian-flax linen, allowing it to shine on its own on less formal tables as well as on more elaborate ones. And don’t forget to check out the Natural French Melodie Collection, with Napkins and Runners to complete your set.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery time.

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