Wine Cork Cheese Knives


Make any presentation dish the conversational life of the party with our cork-handled cheese knives, which turn humdrum hors d’oeuvre trays into platters of fun.

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Product Description

You may have spent a long hour at the cheesemonger’s picking out the creamiest, tartest Italian dolcelatte, the sharpest and nuttiest Welsh caerphilly, and the rarest of Hungarian palpusztai—but none of your guests will appreciate all the effort. What they’ll really take notice of is our resin-handled cheese knife, with the resin cunningly shaped to look just like a cork freshly pulled out of a vintage bottle of French wine. The knife itself is solid, hefty, perfect for slicing off and spearing chunks of cheese, but it’s the handle they’ll remember. Make it last with the same care you give our Cork Cheese Spreaders.

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