Chateaubriand Steak Knife Box Set Series


An essential addition to any silverware collection, these steak knives boast strong carbon-steel blades and whorled-wood handles that make slicing a breeze. Our Chateaubriand Steak Knife Box Set Series are French made with high quality, using only authentic raw materials for the stems; this is a luxury any meal deserves.

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Product Description

These knives are the talk of the town when it comes to precise functionality and glamorous presentation. The set of 6 comes nested in a glass-topped lacquered wooden box that makes it a perfect wedding present or gift for anyone setting up a house of their own for the first time. Authentic French flatware, this knife set focuses on quality, utilizing fine materials and hand assembly to ensure the best singular care. And with features like hand-polished presentation and dishwasher safety, this would make a colorful splash to any kitchen’s assortment of cooking and dining tools.

The featured picture is of the Natural Wood color.

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