Sandy the Sheep


No shears for this little lamb! Our large stuffed sheep Sandy has a warm smile, soft fuzzy head, and quilted fabric lined ears, making this vest-wearing mutton cute as a button.

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Product Description

When it comes to true pals, the docile Sandy is no wolf in sheep’s clothing. Whether it’s going over the river and through to woods to grandmother’s house or the neighbors’ to spend the night, our stuffed sheep Sandy is the ultimate travel buddy. Perfectly sized for a wraparound hug or improvised travel buddy pillow, Sandy the Sheep is sure to warm your heart. Donning a blue chevron collared top, which complements his curly hair and downy white fur, and with her large cushy hooves, this large stuffed animal is sure to bring a smile to even your crankiest ewe. Sandy’s precious jumper, plaintive smile, and doe-eyed visage, set this lovable livestock apart from the herd.