Striped Linen Bath Towel

Striped Linen Bath Towel


As cool to the touch as they are a delight to the eye, our Striped Linen Bath Towel adds a note of understated elegance as well as a large dose of luxury to the well-appointed bathroom. Clean and classical, suiting minimalist and modern as well as traditional and old-fashioned decor. Revel in linen paradise.

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Product Description

If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing them before, linen towels are the last word in bath-time indulgence. The fabric wicks so efficiently that it pulls excess moisture away from your skin like magic, an effect at the same time startlingly refreshing as well as unbelievably comfortable. This makes our Striped Linen Bath Towel ideal for use during a long, hot, humid summer or after a bracing session in the sauna. Their instant absorbency encourages drying by daubing rather than chafing, which is better for the health of both skin and hair (chafing is what you do for someone just rescued out of icy water, not stepping out of a relaxing bath). The plain-stitch seaming makes for a piece both rugged and supple. These towels are made in Lithuania, one of the Baltic States that for 1,000 years have been famous for manufacturing strong, comfortable, cooling linens.

SET OF: Sold Individually
MATERIAL: 100% Linen, raw linen materials grown in Baltic region and Europe, ensuring product authenticity and high quality

Our fabrics have all the old-fashioned virtues your grandmother’s did… Tried n’ True longevity, influenced by their versatile care.
Machine Washable

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