Luxury Bar Soap Series


Cleansing and rejuvenating, our Luxury Bar Soaps are French-milled for extra-long life and combines moisturizing palm oil with a bouquet of alluring herbal scents.

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Product Description

Coconut and eco-friendly palm oil make up the healthy, hydrating base of this superior bar soap, but it’s the carefully crafted and balanced combination of all-natural herbal scents and essences that gives it its subtle, crisp, sophisticated aroma. The formula has been more than two decades in the making, but the wait has been worth it. A top note of citrus is produced by extract of grapefruit; depth comes from a blend of basil, mandarin leaf, and fresh-cut grass. Bergamot, key lime, and blackcurrant brighten and freshen the scent that lingers delightfully but lightly on your skin the whole day long. The French milling makes this soap a long-lasting pleasure in your own or a guest bathroom.

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