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Our rich, ultra-hydrating, shea-butter based Royal Body Cream feels like the first spring rains after a long winter of drought — all-natural, handcrafted, paraben-free goodness for your whole body to enjoy.

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Product Description

Treat yourself like the Queen you are with this thick cream, a more concentrated of our regular body lotion that packs enough moisturizing and nourishing power to revitalize even the driest of skin. Recapture your glowing radiance with our remarkably buttery and smooth-applying lotion. A body cream which also leaves you delicately scented all day long with the fragrant aromas of gentle rose, lily of the valley, dewy jasmine, and sea-blue amber. For the best results, use after a hot shower when the skin is warm and still open.

Our other moisturizers also promise richly emollient qualities, such as the Lavender Luxe Body Butter or for hands on the go, our Argan Hand Cream.

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