Lavender Purse


It’s time to take the lavender out of the satchel and put it onto a bag. With distinct flora themed images imprinted on each side, our lavender plant aubusson purse is a subdued statement bag for those with discriminating taste.

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Product Description

Be a calming influence wherever you go with our beautifully designed lavender flower aubusson purse. Its durable, upholstery like fabric reinforces the fact that our purse is much sturdier than your traditional lavender satchel. Feminine and refined, with a delicate, provincial aesthetic in soothing, sun-kissed shades,each side of this comely bag features a distinct image related to the lavender plant in soothing, sun-kissed shades. Most appropriate as a seasonal bag and perfect for daytime use, our tasteful tapestry purse’s easy shape and pleasant iconography epitomize understated elegance.