VIP Dog Pad


Man’s best friend is no longer just that. Today dogs have become more than pets and best friends, they’ve become family. And why wouldn’t anyone want something special for a family member to love and cherish. Now your furry family member can have their own special bedding with our VIP Dog Pad.

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Product Description

Children receive security blankets and character themed bed sheets. Your dog can rest in style either on top of or under this Hollywood themed blanket made just for them. The blanket is gray with VID (Very Important Dog) scrawled inside a star. The blanket is padded which is great for senior citizen canines as it can cushion a favorite napping area on the floor. Placed inside a dog bed it can add extra padding or be used by your furry family member as a warm, cozy blanket. It can be put inside a pen, kennel, or carrying crate for extra comfort. How cute would it be to have your dog arrive and depart from either the groomers or the vet with this blanket!? If you’re getting a puppy it would be adorable to see it grow older but still use the blanket, even if it outgrows the blanket. If you desire, you may also use the blanket on the inside of a doggie door once the puppy outgrows our VIP Dog Pad.

SET OF: Sold Individually
MATERIAL: 85% cotton, 8% viscose, 7% Acrylic; Geendelt Edging

Our fabrics have all the old-fashioned virtues your grandmother’s did… Tried n’ True longevity, influenced by their versatile care.
Machine Washable. DO NOT BLEACH. Washable at 40°C in the gentle cycle. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.

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