Classic Round Platter


Our Classic Round Platter perfectly lives up to its name. Made of hand-milled, 100 % recycled pure aluminum, it’s surprisingly substantial for something that looks so sleek. Since it’s artisan-crafted, it’s an individual piece unlike any other; it catches the light with a personality all its own.

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Product Description

The unique insulating property of pure aluminum makes it a superlative server for foods both very hot and very cold. On a parlor side-table, it makes a lovely salver for your guest to leave a visiting card. The uses to which our Classic Round Platter can be put are limited only by one’s imaginative capacity—as long as they’re within the capabilities of 100% pure aluminum. Like other metals, it’s not to be placed in a microwave oven; unlike steel, it’s as soft as bronze and should not be used to carve on, nor to be heated to much above 325°F. But it retains heat and cold equally well and always looks as good as the finest polished pewter. Because aluminum is so resilient, it can be dropped, pounded, and otherwise manhandled by the clumsiest kitchen helper, yet still look good enough to pass around at the most high-toned of events after a quick wipe-down. Pure aluminum is a demanding friend but a constant one. You’ll quickly learn that a quick spritz of oil makes it proof against stains produced by acidic foods, and that in any case a short scour with a soaped steel pad makes it as good as new again. You’ll quickly come to love your Classic Round Platter and calculate how many more you can fit in your kitchen cabinet.

SET OF: Sold Individually
MATERIAL: 100% Recycled Sandcast Aluminum
NOTE: This product may rip if mishandled, please watch small children while handling product

Oven Safe
Microwave Safe
Dishwasher Safe
Freezer Safe

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