Leaf Tea Infuser


Iconic and pyramid- shaped, this Leaf Tea Infuser is a fantastic addition to any tea enthusiast’s collection. Perfect for those who enjoy loose leafed teas, this product opens at the bottom and allows for the drinker to easily add a favorite tea. A cute decorative leaf attached to the end of a tiny chain makes this infuser one that can be left out without being an eyesore.

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Product Description

Made with a stainless steel body and removable silicon base, this leaf tea infuser will hold up in a hot cup or pot of water. To use it simply turn the infuser upside down and remove the silicon base. Place your favorite tea inside, making sure to leave some room for the tea to be able to expand. Replace the silicon bottom and place into hot water allowing the tea to steep until the water is flavored to personal taste. Either remove the infuser by gripping the leaf on the end of the chain and pulling it out or leave it in if you prefer. Then enjoy your beverage. Please be careful when removing the infuser as the stainless steel might be hot and can scald. Remove the used tea by taking off the bottom of the infuser and dumping the contents. Rinse and allow the infuser to dry or use it for another round of tea. The leaf tea infuser is sure to be a thoughtful gift during the colder months of the year. There’s nothing like holding a hot beverage to warm hands and fingers on a cold fall or winter day. Soothe a loved one’s cold with a healthy tea personalized to their preferences. You can even take some herbs commonly used in tea from your garden and have yourself a homegrown brew.

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