Balsamic Glaze Series


Your summer meals need a makeover. Don’t glaze over the facts. Exquisitely crafted in sweetly robust flavors, our fruit flavored balsamic glaze reduction turn basic dishes into one of a kind trophies.

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Product Description

Create a plethora of new dishes to excite your friends with our incredible fruit flavored balsamic reductions. Available in cherry, fig, lemon, raspberry, and pomegranate, original, or white, this incredible Mussolini glaze offers endless options for impeccable summer meals. Brush our reduction on asparagus, snow peas, and chard or grill with fresh summer vegetables to complement the green, earthy taste with a sweetly acidic bite. Marinate game, roasts, or tenderloins either in the oven or slather on while barbecuing… Drizzle on pizza with Roma tomatoes, spinach and fresh mozzarella for an oven baked gourmet masterpiece that’s so delicious even Mario Batalli would be proud… And don’t forget to compliment this sweet taste with our Raw Honey Series, to properly braise and sensationalize your BBQ dinner.

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