Sea Salt Rub Series


Give your grilled goodies the rub down with our sensational gourmet Sea Salt Rub Series. Our assortment of gourmet spice rubs will have your taste buds making fireworks.

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Product Description

Bored with traditional barbecue fare but afraid that venturing outside of the box might rub someone the wrong way? Fear not; the creator Henry Langdon has sourced the finest Australian sea salt flakes and blended them with the finest herbs and spices from around the world to create the versatile flavor in this gourmet BBQ spice rub. Our delicious infused sea salts turn basic chicken and ordinary cuts of meat into nuanced culinary masterpieces that will impress even the most exclusive epicurean. An easy go-to and perfect fulcrum for a quick gourmet meal, our Sea Salt Rub Series is the spice rub you grab for; it makes grilling, BBQing, basically any meat treatment so much the sweeter! Try this any of our unique Sea Salt Rub artisan blend for intense delectable flavor profiles more distinctive than a Hallmark card.

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