Nutmeg Grater


Toss out that mealy, dusty ground nutmeg in your spice rack—once you’ve tried delicious fresh grated nutmeg from our silver Nutmeg Grater, you’ll never want to touch the powdered kind again.

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Product Description

Every professional chef and every accomplished home cook will tell you, if only you’ll listen: there’s simply no comparing the taste of warm, nutty, full-bodied fresh nutmeg to anything you get that comes pre-ground out of a spice vial. Fresh nutmeg is available beside the powdered kind at any supermarket, usually 6 to 8 of these large seeds per bottle. Next time you need nutmeg, or any spices, break out our nutmeg grater and have at it; you’ll be amazed at how well fresh nutmeg goes with so many foods, from sautéed spinach to your favorite mac-and-cheese. Bonus: use this nutmeg grater tool as a super-fine citrus zester, too.

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